Don Hoi Lot

ดอนหอยหลอด (Don Hoi Lot)

Don Hoi Lot is a pristine sandbar located at the mouth of Maeklong River near the gulf of Thailand. In the area of the sandbar, there are many shellfish species, but Hoi Lot (razor clam) is mostly found here, and has become the landmark of this place. If you want to hunt razor clam, the best period to visit this place is in March – May, because the water level is low enough during daytime. You can get a boat from local villagers to the outside sandbar, then taking a thin stick covered with lime and inserting it into the holes to lure the clams up from the sand.

There are some restaurants offer seafood by the sea. You can also purchase fresh and dried seafood for souvenirs to your friends and family.

Opening hours: Daily 08.00 AM – 05.00 PM
Telephone number: 034 723 736, 034 723 749


  • If you want to get a boat ride for razor clam hunting, please check water level beforehand.

Baan Siriporn Resort is just 14-minute drive (7 km) to Don Hoi Lot.

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