Baan Siriporn Resort Hotel (the “Company”), as the owner of the premises, would like to inform you as a person entering the Company’s premises that the CCTV system may record your facial image and voice, whether clear or not. Your facial image and voice are considered personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act; as such, the Company has prepared this Privacy Policy to inform you of the details regarding the collection and/or use of your personal data obtained via the CCTV system.

The Company will retain a record of your personal data obtained from the CCTV system for a period of 90 days. After this time period has expired, the saved images will be automatically deleted. The Company intends to use such personal data solely for the purpose of ensuring the security of the premises and those who enter the premises.

The Company will not disclose the personal data to any third party unless (a) it is necessary for the exercise of claims for legitimate rights under applicable laws, or (b) it is necessary for the exercise of defense or to ensure the security in the Company’s premises including the security of the user of the Company’s premises and the Company’s assets, or (c) it is necessary to comply with a government authority order or to act in accordance with applicable laws. The Company has implemented the information security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, or any other actions that may occur to your personal data.

The Company respects your rights that you may be entitled to under applicable laws which are (a) the right to access and request a copy of the personal data, including the right to have your personal data updated and corrected, (b) the right to request for data portability in the event that the Company stores the personal data in the format which is readable or commonly used by automated tools or equipment, including the right to transfer such personal data to other data controllers, (c) the right to object to any processing of the personal data, (d) the right to request for the deletion or de-identification of the personal data upon there is no necessity to process or upon the withdrawal of the consent, (e) the right to request the Company to suspend the use of the personal data in the case that such personal data must be deleted or upon there is no necessity of such personal data, and (f) the right to withdraw consent to the processing of the personal data that you previously provided.

In the case that you exercise your rights as described above, the Company will consider your request and notify you of the results within a reasonable period of time consistent with the timeframe prescribed by applicable laws. You can contact us at: +66831552929 or email: [email protected].

The Company may update or amend this Privacy Policy at any time it deems appropriate to ensure that you will receive the proper protection. In the event of any material amendment to this Privacy Policy, the Company will notify you via proper channels.

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