Know the air quality with Siriporn AQI☁️

Siriporn AQI☁️ Baan Siriporn Resort has installed the first air quality monitoring station in Samut Songkhram province on January 31, 2019 and have published this information to the public through the AirVisual application to provide useful air quality data to residents of our resort and nearby communities in order to use this information to conduct protective measures of preventing risks from PM2.5 exposure.

You can get the air quality update from our station below or access the data from your mobile phone with AirVisual application any time. Guest Review Awards 2018

Thank you a hotel booking service which is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings for giving us the honorable ‘ Guest Review Awards 2018’! We would like to express our gratitude for the recognition from and our guests from all over the world have given us. At Baan Siriporn Resort, we always tend to deliver good accommodation service to all valuable guests.

Advance Purchase Deal – Book 5+ days in advance & save

Advance Purchase Deal is a special offer for booking your room 5+ days in advance, and get an exclusive discount on the breakfast inclusive rate. Advance Purchase bookings require full prepayment with a credit card for the entire stay at the time of booking. This special rate offers savings for those whose plans are unlikely to change, because the reservation policy is non-refundable.

  • Booking period: Today – December 31, 2020
  • Stay period: Today – December 31, 2020
  • Booking channel: Online booking on our website (, or Baan Siriporn Resort mobile app only
  • Qualified room types: Superior Villa / Standard Room Twin Beds
  • Benefits: Get extra 16%-20% discount (depends on your advance purchase period)
  • Promotion Code: No promotion code is required.
  • Conditions: Guest must book at least 5 days prior to check-in date. Make sure to choose Advance Purchase Deal rate at the time of booking. If there isn’t Advance Purchase Deal to choose, it means your stay period is blackout, or the deal is already sold out for certain stay period.
  • Reservation Policy: Non-refundable & Non-changeable

Damnoen Saduak floating market

Damnoen Saduak floating market is one of the most famous floating market in Thailand near Bangkok with over 100 years old. There are many Thai and foreign tourists come and visit this floating market everyday. Even it has been changed slightly over time, but its atmosphere is still like 100 years ago. Visitors can purchase food, Thai sweets, souvenirs, handicrafts which are often popular with foreigners.

You may also take a boat ride to experience the floating market, and see some fruit orchards along the canal.

Opening hours: Daily 07.00 AM – 12.00 PM
Telephone number: 032 241 023

Baan Siriporn Resort is just 24-minute drive (20.7 km) to Damnoen Saduak floating market.

Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral

Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral is one of the oldest Catholic Church in Thailand, founded by Priest Paolo Salomon through the efforts of a French missionary. Its architecture is in the French Gothic style. Visitors can also enjoy its stained glass interiors, statues, candelabra and carvings.

Opening hours: Daily 07.00 AM – 08.00 PM
Telephone number: 034 761 347


  • Please dress properly.
  • Please avoid visiting on Monday and Tuesday due to regular religious ceremony.
  • Advance arrangements must be made with the priest in order to get a guided tour.

Baan Siriporn Resort is just 25-minute drive (19 km) to Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral.

Plant mangrove trees

Plant mangrove trees is one of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that can be sustainably contributed to the local community. Samut Songkhram Province has mangrove forest area at Khlong Khon district over 3,200,000 sq.m. (~ 2000 rai) which is good for tourists or organizations interested in mangrove rehabilitation. You can also take a boat ride to see the mangrove forest area, monkeys, and experience the ways of life of local fishermen.

In addition, the Khlong Khon community also has many seafood restaurants using fresh materials from local fishermen at affordable prices.

Telephone number: 034 731 329 (Subdistrict Administrative Organization), 082 794 1956, 086 177 7942 (Center for Mangrove Conservation)

Baan Siriporn Resort is just 18-minute drive (14.4 km) to Center for Mangrove Conservation.

Wat Bang Kung

Wat Bang Kung is one of the historic site and memory of the battle against Burmese built in Ayutthaya period. Its Ordination Hall is covered with roots of four plants including Bodhi, Banyan, Krai and Krang. It has been honored as one of the Unseen Thailand list.

Next to the temple, there are sculptures of Thai boxing on display. Moreover, there is a small zoo and few old planes by the riverfront area.

Opening hours: Daily 08.00 AM – 04.30 PM
Telephone number: 034 760 630, 089 200 9684

Baan Siriporn Resort is just 24-minute drive (12 km) to Wat Bang Kung.

Thaka floating market

Thaka floating market

Thaka floating market is an old classical floating market in Samut Songkhram. Thaka floating market is rendezvous point for vendors on boats selling local home-grown vegetables and fruits. A boat service is also available for visitors who want to explore nearby village, fruit orchards, and demonstration of coconut sugar making.

Opening hours: Saturday-Sunday and every 2nd, 7th, 12th days of the lunar calendar from 06.00 AM – 12.00 PM
Telephone number: 034 766 208, 034 766 123 และ 034 749 380

Baan Siriporn Resort is just 22-minute drive (11.6 km) to Thaka floating market.

King Rama II Memorial Park

King Rama II Memorial Park was built to honor King Rama II, and located near Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram. Museum and traditional Thai house are also located in the park to display houses artifacts from the early Rattanakosin era, the King’s household furniture, and showcases the lives of Thais during the king’s reign.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 08.30 AM – 05.00 PM, Saturday-Sunday 08.30 AM – 07.30 PM
Admission fee: Adult 30 Thai Baht, Child 10 Thai Baht
Telephone number: 034 750 666, 034 750 376

Baan Siriporn Resort is just 15-minute drive (8.7 km) to King Rama II Memorial Park.

By Ahoerstemeier – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram

Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram is a temple located near King Rama II Memorial Park, and Amphawa floating market. This temple belongs to the Bang Chang family. It is believed that the position of the Chedi of Wat Amphawan is the place where Khun Nak gave birth to a son (Khun Chim) who later became King Rama II. At present it is a second class royal monastery. The beautiful main building and precious antiques inside the temple were from early Rattanakosin period.

Opening hours: Daily 08.00 AM – 04.00 PM
Telephone number: 034 725 547
Baan Siriporn Resort is just 15-minute drive (8.6 km) to Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram.