Karaoke for banquet

We offer karaoke service for you to enjoy singing at your party and banquet.

Minimum number of rooms is required in order to use karaoke service, and you must confirm your reservation when there is no any other guests book a room on the same date. This service time is limited to 10.00 PM. only.

Food catering for lunch and dinner

We offer a catering service for lunch and dinner as a seafood cuisine set for 7-8 persons per table.

Coffee Break & Snack Box

Avoid the stress from a meeting with a morning or afternoon break. Spacious riverside area surrounded by trees for a relaxing break, filled with freshness. We serve snacks based on your requirements. There are various kinds of delicious snacks as follows:

  • Thai dessert such as Toddy palm cake, coconut milk custard in small porcelain cup, steamed flour with coconut filling, custard with sticky rice
  • Pie
  • Sandwich
  • Pastries
  • Cake such as roll cake, cake yolk, chocolate cake, brownie
  • Fruits